the lowdown

It was spectacular fall day, the year 1994. We were visiting the two nut jobs, Fred and Sharen. My parents, Patti's in-laws. Sharen baked a cake for my little sister returning home from her fifth failed attempt at college. Standing on the porch contemplating going into the house of horrors that reaked of smoke and aqua velva; something caught our eye. As the sun set we noticed an adult male riding a bike toward the house. It was not any bike, more like the bike of a seven year old girl. The smile on his face almost made us forget he was a man in his late twenties. Fred and Sharen saw him coming as well and scurried off in a panic back into the house. The last time I saw Fred move that fast a fishing pole and five dollar bill was involved. This day would forever change us all.

Mant adventurers have gone deep into the Amazon to live and learn from monkeys. They watch, learn and live amongst these creatures in their natural habitat. We did not have to travel as far. Over the past twenty-five years we have captured and documented, raw compelling footage in Joe's natural habitat.

The Below Averqage Joe Project has begun. Thirty-seven episodes written, two episodes in production, one episode completed. We had a blast with our first auditions for the pilot "Joe Goes Moonlighting"