The day started pretty normal 25 years ago. It was fall and the leaves were changing and then something magical happened. We were visiting the two nut jobs we call parents and we were celebrating my little sister returning home from her fifth failed college attempt. Standing on the porch contemplating going in the house of horrors something caught our eye. As the sun set we noticed an adult male riding a bike toward the house. It was not any bike but a bike of a female child that was way to small for an adult. The smile on his face almost made us forget he was a man in his late 20's but a 7 year old girl with pig tails. Family members saw this vision as well through the windows and a scurry and panic ensued. The last time there was such movement was when we saw a tornado and we all ran for shelter. There was no storm that day but a man who stormed into our lives and would forever change us all.

Many adventurers have gone deep into the forest or the Amazon to live and learn from Monkeys, Lions and Bears. They watch, learn and live among these creatures in their natural habitat. We didn't have to travel as far to experience over the past 20 years some of the most raw and compelling material ever documented. What we have we unearthed will shock you and make you laugh and say wow my life is pretty darn good.

These stories are told by family, friends, enemies and everyone who has lived near and around the K Clan. They are real and spectacular. If you look away you will miss something if you don't, the images will be etched in your memory forever.

Thirty- seven episodes written, and The Below Average Joe Project has begun. We had a blast with auditions and have lined up a full cast for the B.A.J. Pilot episode, "Joe goes Moonlighting"