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Situation Comedy Below Average Joe- Unreality TV

I have been watching and chronicling the past 20 years of some of the most amazing, provocative and captivating sitcom material ever created. Observing my family in their natural habitat has unearthed the most compelling, shocking and the funniest material one could ever imagine. I have taken their stories and handcrafted them to fit into a 30-minute situational comedy format that until now has never been seen. I have 21 episodes already written and another 25 storyboards and scenes ready and waiting. There has been nothing like it and there will be nothing like it. I have created a new genre that will make everyone feel blessed of the life they have.

The Unreal Reality Life of Joe. Joe K has a wife and kids and as well as his own small business. It would appear that life is going just fine. When you get to watch their life unfold you realize that there are some brain cells and other key elements missing in this family. You will love your life much more.


· Joe Goes Moonlighting- Pilot

· A Christmas Miracle.

· Swing in the new year.

· Swing in the new year part two.

· Depth Goes to Jail.

· The Art of the Sale-Sales 101.

· Jokels The Vicodin eating clown.

· Joe changes his stage name. Jokeye’ is Born.

· The Shit shirt.

· Freddie Kovach reality star.

· Joe has a food truck.

· The Company Truck -The Mileage overage charge.

· The Band Goes Live.

· Price is Right – Come on down to hell.

· Joe and Leslie meet their doppelgangers.

· Treasury of Trash.

· Cripple hits it big.

· Joe Parent of the year.

· Freddie finds a foster family.

· Hate at first site. The Joe and Leslie a never ending love story.

· Meet the Blacks.

· The N Word Loophole.

· The Drug trial experiment.

· The World is Flat- Joestradomus.

· Wednesday Sky Makes a viral music video.

· Felony of Coaches-Joe’s little league coaching dream team.

· The couch App-Depth sleeps on couches for free.

· Depth wears OJ Gloves if the glove doesn’t fit you’re a nitwit.

· Joe drinks truth serum- Leslie makes believe she gave Joe Truth serum. He starts to tell the truth anyway.

· Joe takes out a student loan. He is not a student.

Cast of Characters

Joe K- Lead Character A picture is worth a thousand words. The photo in his natural habitat.

Leslie K-Wife, Mother, Singer in Wednesday Sky. She hates her husband and her life.

Depth- Joes work friend. No morals, no integrity and as a character worth his weight in gold.

Jim Cripple- An eccentric friend who has a very high IQ perhaps but has low common sense.

Freddie K- The son. Bright kid who enjoys taking advantage of his parent’s ignorance.

Amora K- The Daughter. She hates her life but exploits her freedom.

Gregg- Leslie’s big brother. He masterminds many pranks and plots that often start the chain reaction within the family. He sells copy machines.

Patricia- Gregg’s wife. She is the voice of reason but nobody hears her.

Grandpa Fred- Leslies father and next door neighbor. Wig wearing, hair painted on meddler in all things with his daughter.

Grandma Sharon- Leslies Mother and next door neighbor. Not the brightest bulb but always good for a perfect quote or comment that keeps the family on their toes.

Miss Reynolds- The Social Worker who practically lives at Joe and Leslie’s house.

Additional Cast coming and going

Jake - Joe's nephew and work buddy

CFlynna- The First Haiku rapper.

Peri- Gregg and Patricia’s daughter

Grandma Bonnie- Joe’s mom and god fearing cathol